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1 Granulate sugar 2 Grind fennel seeds.

Balti Chicken Madras

Ingredients :

290g chicken breast, 30g fenugreek, 12g ginger, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 onions (medium), 2 green chili peppers, 30g fenugreek, 4 curry leaves, 1.5t coriander seeds, 1.5t fennel seeds, 1T oil.

1t chili powder, 1/4t turmeric powder, 3T tomato puree, 2T lemon juice, 1t salt, 1.25 cups of chicken stock.

Preparation :

1. Peel, rinse and mince garlic.
2. Peel, rinse and mince ginger.
3. Rinse and chop fenugreek.
4. Grind 1.5t fennel seeds.
5. Grind 1.5t coriander seeds.
6. Discard the skin; Rinse chicken; Trim off the fat; Cube.
7. Add seasonings, the ground fennel seeds, the ground coriander seeds, the garlic, the ginger and the fenugreek to a big mixing bowl; Mix well to be the sauce.
8. Peel, rinse and dice onions.
9. Rinse, seed and chop green chili peppers.
10. Discard the stems of coriander; Rinse and drain.
11. Heat a pan with 1T oil over a high heat; Stir-fry the onions and curry leaves over a low heat till golden brown; Add the chicken; Stir-fry over a low heat for 1 minute; Add the sauce from the step 7; Stir-fry over a medium heat for 2 minutes; Turn to a low heat; Stir-fry over a low heat for 10 minutes; Add the green chili peppers; Stir-fry over a low heat briefly; Turn off the heat; Arrange on a serving plate; Garnish with the coriander. Ready to serve.