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1 Peel, rinse and mince ginger 2 Peel, rinse and mince garlic.

Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Ingredients :

4 chicken breasts, 1.5L full cream milk, 3 green chili peppers, 2 stalks of coriander, 1t caraway seeds, 40g cashew nuts, 1 can of pineapple ring, 30g ginger, 12 cloves of garlic, 1.5T ghee, 8 cardamom pods, 5 bay leaves, 1 onion.

(1) 3T lime juice, 650ml water.
(2) 3T lime juice, 2T yogurt, 1t chili powder, 1t salt.
(3) 1/2t salt.
(4) 3T ground almonds, 200ml yogurt, 1L chicken stock, 1t salt, some saffron.
(5) 3T cream, 1t garam masala.

Preparation :

1. Add 1.5L milk to a saucepan; Bring to the boil over a high heat (keep on stirring); Turn off the heat; Add seasoning (1); Keep on stirring till the milk begins to curdle.
2. Strain the mixture from the step 1 through a muslin cloth till all the liquid has drained; Gather the corners of the cloth and tie them together; Squeeze the wrapped milk solid; Hang it up to dry for 2 hours.
3. Place the wrapped cheese from the step 2 on a flat surface and weigh it down with heavy weight; Leave it till the cheese is firm (about 1 hour); Remove the cloth; Cut into cubes to be paneer.
4. Thaw chicken breasts.
5. Peel, rinse and mince ginger.
6. Peel, rinse and mince garlic.
7. Add seasoning (2), 1/3 of the minced ginger and 1/4 of the minced garlic to a big bowl; Mix well to be the marinade.
8. Blanch the chicken breasts in boiling water for 20 seconds; Remove and immediately rinse in running water till cool; Drain; Discard the skins; Make a deep slit along the thick edge of each chicken breast to form a pocket; Rub the marinade from the step 7 into the chicken and the pockets; Leave them for 60 minutes.
9. Rinse, seed and dice green chili peppers,
10. Rinse and chop the coriander.
11. Chop cashew nuts.
12. Drain and chop 2 canned pineapple rings.
13. Add 150g paneer from the step 3, the diced green chili peppers, chopped coriander, chopped cashew nuts, chopped pineapple and seasoning (2) to a bowl; Mix well; Divide into 4 equal portions; Scoop each portion into the pocket of each chicken breast; Chill in the fridge for 15 minutes.
14. Rinse and bruise cardamom pods.
15. Peel, rinse and mince onion.
16. Heat a grill pan over a high heat; Remove the stuffed chicken from the fridge; Pan-grill the stuffed chicken breasts for 5 minutes on each side; Turn off the heat.
17. Heat a saucepan over a high heat; Turn to a medium heat; Add 1.5T ghee and cook over a medium heat till melt; Add the cardamom pods and bay leaves; Stir-fry over a medium heat for 1 minute; Add onion and the remaining ginger and garlic; Stir-fry over a low heat till fragrant; Add seasoning (4); Bring to the boil over a medium heat; Turn to a low heat; Simmer over a low heat for 5 minutes; Add the grilled chicken breasts; Mix well; Cook over a low heat for 8 minutes; Swirl in seasoning (5); Turn off the heat; Ready to serve.