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1 Peel, rinse and mince garlic 2 Peel, rinse and mince ginger.

Mango And Cucumber Raita

Ingredients :

1.5t cumin seeds, 1 unripe mango, 1 cucumber, 1 red , 2 limes, 28g mint.

500ml yoghurt, 1t salt, 1/2t caster sugar.

Preparation :

1. Heat a dry skillet over a high heat; Add 1.5t cumin seeds; Stir-fry over a low heat for 6 minutes; Turn off the heat; Cool.
2. Cut a mango into halves; Pit and cut the flesh into pieces.
3. Peel, rinse and chop a cucumber.
4. Rinse and chop mint finely.
5. Rinse, seed and slice a red chili pepper.
6. Grind the cumin seeds from the step 1.
7. Add the mango, the cucumber and the mint leaves to a salad bowl; Mix well.
8. Rinse and cut limes into halves; Juice; Add the juice to the salad bowl; Mix well.
9. Add seasonings to a bowl; Mix well; Add to the salad bowl; Mix well; Add the red chili pepper; Toss slightly; Arrange in a serving plate; Cover with cling film; Chill in the fridge for at least 60 minutes before serving.