New Recipes

1 Thaw frozen fish fillet; Rinse in running water for 5 minutes; Pat dry; Marinate in seasoning (1) for 45 minutes 2 Peel, rinse and mince garlic.


Ingredients :

350ml plain yoghurt, 80g seedless green , 50g shelled walnuts, 2 firm bananas, 25g sugar, some salt, 10g cumin , some paprika.

Preparation :

1. Granulate sugar.
2. Rinse and drain grapes.
3. Grind 5g cumin seeds.
4. Heat a dry pan over a high heat; Add the remaining cumin seeds; Stir-fry over a low heat for 10 minutes; Remove; Add shelled walnuts; Stir-fry over a low heat till crispy; Turn off the heat; Remove.
5. Add 350ml plain yoghurt to a chilled bowl; Add the grapes and walnuts; Peel and slice bananas into the bowl directly; Fold in gently before the bananas turn brown; Add some salt, the sugar and the ground cumin seeds; Gently mix together; Chill in the fridge; Sprinkle with the stir-fried cumin seeds and paprika before serving.

Fruit-nut Ratia is particularly good with beef curries.