New Recipes

1 Rinse lamb; Trim off the fat; Cut into cubes; Marinate in seasoning (1) for 30 minutes 2 Peel, rinse and chop onions finely.

Coconut Appam

Ingredients :

1T cooked rise, 250ml warm water, 375ml thick coconut milk, some ghee.

180g rice flour, 1t instant yeast, 2t sugar, 1/4t salt.

Preparation :

1. Add 1T cooked rice and 250ml warm water into an electronic blender; Blend till smooth; Transfer to a mixing bowl; Add seasonings; Mix into thick and smooth batter; Cover; Set aside for 4 hours to ferment at the room temperature.
2. Gradually add 375ml thick coconut milk into the batter from the step 1; Mix well; Set aside for 2 hours.
3. Heat an appan wok; Lightly grease the wok with ghee; Pour 4T of the batter into the wok; Rotate the wok by hand so that 3cm of the side of the wok is thinly coated and the remaining batter collects at the center
(only 2 times should be rotated); Cover with a tight fitting lid; Turn to a low heat; Cook over a low heat till set and the edges resemble crispy lace (the centre should be soft and well-risen); Turn off the heat; Arrange on a serving plate; Ready to serve.