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1 Thaw frozen peas; Blanch in boiling water with some salt for 1 minute; Remove and drain 2 Thaw frozen kernels; Blanch in boiling water with some salt for 1 minute; Remove and drain.

Spicy Lamb Tikka

Ingredients :

700g lean lamb, 1 unripe papaya, 12g ginger, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 stalk of coriander, 1 onion, 800ml corn oil.

(1) 1T lemon juice, some salt, some ground black pepper.
(2) 45ml plain low fat yoghurt, 1t chili powder, 1/4t turmeric powder, 1t ground cumin seeds, 2t ground coriander seeds, 1t salt, 2T lemon juice, 2T corn oil.

Preparation :

1. Thaw lean lamb; Blanch in boiling water for 20 seconds; Remove and immediately rinse in running water till cool; Drain; Cut off the fat; Discard the bones and skins; Cut into pieces; Marinate in seasoning (1) for 30 minutes.
2. Peel, rinse and mince ginger.
3. Peel, rinse and mince garlic.
4. Rinse and chop coriander finely.
5. Peel, rinse and slice an onion.
6. Peel and cut papaya into halves; Seed; Cut the flesh in pieces; Add to an electronic blender; Blend into puree.
7. Rub the lamb from the step 1 with the papaya puree from the step 6; Cover tightly; Leave for at least 3 hours.
8. Add the ginger, the garlic and seasoning (2) to a bowl; Mix well.
9. Add the mixture from the step 8 to the lamb from the step 7; Mix well; Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.
10. Add 800ml corn oil to karahi; Bring to the boil over a high heat; Turn to a low heat; Deep-fry the lamb over a low heat till cooked and tender; Turn to a high heat; Deep-fry over a high heat for 10 seconds; Remove and drain; Turn off the heat.
11. Arrange the lamb on a serving plate; Garnish with the onion; Ready to serve.