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1 Beat an egg 2 Add seasoning (1) into a bowl and mix well; Leave it till frothy.

Paneer Balti With Prawns

Ingredients :

12 king prawns, 3 cloves of garlic, 175g paneer, 3 green chili peppers, 20g coriander, 1/2 cup of butter, 1T vegetable oil, 2/3 cup of light cream, 1 cup of water.

(1) some lemon juice, some ground black pepper.
(2) 2T tomato puree, 4T plain yoghurt, 1.5t garam masala, 1t chili powder, 1t salt, 2t mango powder, 1t ground coriander seeds.

Preparation :

1. Cut off the rostrum on the prawns' heads; Trim off the antenna and legs; Devein with toothpicks; Rinse and pat dry.
2. Add 1 cup of water to a pot; Bring to the boil over a high heat; Add the prawns; Cook over a high heat for 3 minutes; Turn off the heat; Remove; Soak in iced water for 2 minutes; Remove; Shell, keeping the tails; Marinate in seasoning (1) for 20 minutes; Reserve 2T cooking water.
3. Rinse and chop the coriander.
4. Rinse, seed and chop green chili peppers.
5. Cube the paneer.
6. Add seasoning (2) and the garlic to a mixing bowl; Mix well.
7. Heat a deep pan over a high heat; Turn to a low heat; Add 1/2 cup of butter and 1T vegetable oil; Cook over a low heat till melted; Add the paneer and prawns from the step 2; Stir-fry over a low heat for 2 minutes; Remove; Drain on the kitchen paper.
8. Heat the pan over a low heat; Pour the spice mixture from the step 6; Stir-fry over a low heat for 1 minute; Add 2T cooking water from the step 2; Stir over a low heat briefly; Return the paneer and prawns to the pan; Cook over a low heat for 7 minutes; Add the green chili peppers and most of the coriander; Stir-fry over a low heat briefly; Stir in 2/3 cup of light cream; Stir-fry over a low heat for 2 minutes; Turn off the heat; Arrange on a serving plate; Garnish with the remaining coriander. Ready to serve.