New Recipes

1 Rinse 500g Basmati rice; Drain 2 Thaw chicken; Blanch in boiling water for 10 seconds; Remove and immediately rinse in running water till cool; Drain; Cut into 10 pieces.

Ragout Of Shellfish With Coconut Milk

Ingredients :

450g mussels with shells, 230g squid, 350g monkfish, 150g shrimps, 75g green beans, 1 tomato, 1 onion (medium), 13g ginger, 3 cloves of garlic, 4 green chili peppers (medium), 40g coriander, some basil leaves, 400ml coconut milk, 1T salt.

(1) some ground black pepper, some lemon juice.
(2) some lemon juice, some ground black pepper.
(3) some lemon juice, some ground black pepper.
(4) some lemon juice, some ground black pepper.
(5) 2t coriander seeds, 1/2t cumin seeds.
(6) 4T granulated sugar, 2t salt.
(7) 1/2t grated nutmeg, 2T oil.
(8) 300ml broth.

Preparation :

1. Soak mussels in water with salt for 6 hours; Scrub bivalves in running water with a stiff brush to remove any sand or dirt; Scrape off any barnacles with a knife; Cut open the mussels over a bowl to catch the delicious juice (which will be gritty so it is important to strain the juice through a fine-mesh sieve before use); Give any open mussels a sharp tap and discard any that fail to close; Pull out the fibrous bread that sprouts between the two halves of the shell; Marinate in seasoning (1) till ready to use.
2. Cut off the tentacles of squid; Press out the beak from the head; Discard the head; Turn the body inside out and discard the entrails; Rinse thoroughly; Tenderize the body and tentacles with a mallet for 30 minutes; Make cross incisions over the body; Marinate in seasoning (2) till ready to use.
3. Discard the gill and innards of monkfishes; Rinse the black membrane thoroughly; Rinse the whole monkfishes in running water; Pat dry; Cut from the stomach so the monkfishes are flat with backs linked; Discard the bones; Remove any tiny bones with a pair of tweezers; Discard the skin; Marinate in seasoning (3) till ready to use.
4. Shell but keep the tail intact of shrimps; Slit twice at the back and remove veins; Rinse and drain; Marinate in seasoning (4) till ready to use.
5. Peel, rinse and mince garlic.
6. Peel, rinse and mince ginger.
7. Rinse and drain green chili peppers; Cut off the stems; Cut into halves; Discard the seed; Chop finely.
8. Rinse and drain coriander; Chop finely.
9. Rinse and drain basil leaves; Tear into parts.
10. Peel, rinse and chop an onion finely.
11. Blanch green beans in boiling water with some salt for 1 minute; Lift the beans up and drain.
12. Blanch the mussels from the step 1 in boiling water for 6 minutes; Lift the mussels up and drain.
13. Rinse and drain a tomato; Peel, seed and chop.
14. Heat a dry non-stick pan over a high heat; Turn to a low heat; Add seasoning (5); Stir-fry over a low heat till color changed; Turn off the heat.
15. Add seasoning (6) and the green chili peppers to a pestle; Grind with a mortar; Add the seasoning (5), the ginger, the garlic and the onion; Grind to paste; Add seasoning (7) and the coriander; Stir to mix well.
16. Add seasoning (8) to a non-stick deep pan; Strain coconut milk through a sieve to the pan (Reserve the thick coconut milk for later use); Add 75ml of the paste from the step 15; Stir over a low heat to mix; Bring to the boil over a high heat; Cook over a high for few more minutes; Turn to a low heat; Add the thick part of the coconut milk; Stir to mix well; Add the squid and monkfishes; Simmer over a low heat for 18 minutes; Add the shrimps, the mussels, the green beans and the tomatoes; Simmer over a low heat for 4 minutes; Turn off the heat; Arrange in serving plates; Garnish with the basil leaves; Serve hot.