New Recipes

1 Discard the skin of chicken breast; Rinse; Cube; Marinate in seasoning (1) for 30 minutes 2 Rinse and slit green chili peppers.

Mixed Vegetable Curry

Ingredients :

100g tur dal, 5 cloves of garlic, 1 green chili pepper, 1t turmeric powder, 2 ripe tomatoes, 750ml water, 500g cabbage, 150g peas, 1.5T vegetable oil, 1t mustard seeds, 2 dried red chili peppers, 1 onion.

(1) 3T tamarind pulp, 250ml water.
(2) 1/2t chili powder, 1t cumin powder, 1.5t salt, 1/2t sugar.
(3) 2 sprigs curry leaves, 1/2t asafoetida powder.

Preparation :

1. Peel and rinse garlic.
2. Rinse, seed and cut green chili pepper into halves lengthwise.
3. Rinse and dice tomatoes.
4. Rinse and thinly slice cabbage.
5. Blanch peas in boiling water for 20 seconds; Remove and drain.
6. Seed and cut dried red chili peppers into short lengths.
7. Peel, rinse and thinly slice onion.
8. Rinse 100g tur dal; Drain.
9. Add seasoning (1) to a bowl; Mash; Strain for juice.
10. Heat a skillet over a high heat; Add 1.5T vegetable oil and heat over a medium heat; Stir-fry 1t mustard seeds and the dried red chili peppers over a medium heat till the mustard seeds stop crackling; Add the onion and seasoning (3); Stir-fry over a low heat till the onion is browned; Turn off the heat.
11. Add 750ml water to a pot; Bring to the boil over a high heat; Add the tur dal, the green chili pepper, 1t turmeric powder and the tomatoes; Turn to a medium heat; Simmer over a medium heat till the dal becomes very soft (about 20 minutes; keep on stirring); Add the juice from the step 9, cabbage, peas, and seasoning (2); Mix well; Simmer for 5 more minutes; Add the mixture from the step 10; Simmer over a medium heat for 5 more minutes; Ready to serve.